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Hello everyone,

I would like to be among the first to wish you all a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving. If you are like me, you could probably spend most of the day just simply giving thanks for all the blessings we enjoy; let alone have time to eat and watch the ball games. My hope, desire and prayer is that we all enjoy the warmth and comfort of family and friends enjoying a day of remembrance, relaxation and (trough-ing). Enjoy your meals everyone. The breaking of bread with one another is a gift.

I added some pictures from the 2006 relay for life event. I am not totally happy with how the album works. If you click on the Relay folder, it will open to a set of pictures. These you can click on to enlarge, browse through and also right click and select to download a copy of the pictures you like. To go back to the original state once you have looked at all the pictures; click on the Photo Album up on the top of the page -> on the tool bar.

I will continue to add pictures and work with making this an easier experience. I know there is a way to allow for comments for each picture. I just have to ‘play’ with this particular plug-in some more. Please bear with me on this. Things my pop up then go away for a period of time. I will get this process smoothed out soon. (I think I just have issues with the pictures for some reason.)

As always, please contact me with any comments and suggestions and I will endeavor to implement as soon as possible.

That’s it for now, enjoy Thanksgiving and your loved ones; and leave just a little room for our Holiday meal at the December Sixth meeting.

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Why was there a Newsletter in my e-mail box?

By now, you should have received the notice that (if you have been an attendee of our meetings and signed the roster) you have been added to the group newsletter. I hope this was not a startling event for any of you. I do respect your time and I do not want to burden you with additional ‘spam’. If, you do not wish to receive the Newsletter, please just respond and I will take you off the distribution list. Again, I want to reassure you of our privacy policy and will not distribute your name and e-mail address to anyone for any purpose.


I will make every effort to keep mailing to what is necessary. I do spend a lot of time on the web and I am thinking about a weekly catch up of stories and items which may be of interest to the group. Please leave a comment or let me know if you think it is a good idea. Just a way for me to save you some time or maybe expose you to news you may have missed or simply do not have the time to locate and absorb on your own. Let me know what you think, but I expect to start that shortly.

As to the site; I am working on adding more pictures. I am not sure I like the current plug-in I use for the Photo Album. I am working on this aspect of the site and you may see changes occurring. Please bear with me as I look to make this area more useful and easier to navigate. Do not be alarmed if it goes away or makes some sort of drastic change. It is me making changes or tinkering around with it. 

I will be ‘playing’ with the newsletter as well as with this site to continue to improve in and make it a more desirable web destination for us as a group and for persons of interest who stumble upon us or are referred. 

As always, I hope everyone is doing good and that you remain strong, as cancer sucks.


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Food, once again is our friend, if we choose wisely.

Last night’s meeting was as always a wonderful time catching up with everyone in attendance. There were 21 total there which I felt was a really good turnout considering the time of the year and how busy I am sure most all of us are.

Some reminders; next month’s meeting (Dec. 6th) will be our Holiday Supper event. Please let Jan know if you will be attending, if you are bringing guest and if you have any dietary anomalies which need to be taken into consideration.

Also, Gaslight tickets should be available starting next month as well. Remember to mark your calendar for Saturday evening April 21, 2012 for this event. The exact time is currently TBA but the date is set so circle in red.

Our guest speaker Ms. Mary Marian conducted a very interesting interactive question
and answer discussion with the group concerning nutrition.

One thing she wished to express that extra weight DOES put one at a higher risk for

There is an abundance of dietary options out there and she suggested the ‘
Mediterranean Diet ‘ as the best available choice currently. This diet is high
in fruit, whole grains, olive oil and legumes.

Keep ‘color’ in mind and remember to have Blue/Red/Purple foods as she stated:
“Think color and keep a happy liver.”

Other considerations were that women require 25 grams of fiber per day while men
require 38 grams a day. Also remember those Omega 3’s (DHA&EPA) add that
fish oil and flax seed oil as you can.

Be careful of your cereals and breads and make sure you read that label. Smoothies
make for an excellent breakfast and you can use ‘almond oil’ and something
called ‘ greens’ which can be purchased at Sunflower Market.

Some Post Treatment suggestions were to stay active and do weight resistance
training when you can. (*Get a trainer). Sarcopenia is a real issue for cancer

Vitamins came up and the current state of “scientific” thought is mixed as to
the benefits. Consult your doctor or dietary professional. There are some good
here but you have to do your homework.

Cheese is not necessarily a no-no. What is important is serving size. Come on, do we
really expect those triple cheese pizzas or cheese stuffed burros to be good
for us? Know the proper serving size. Bar-B-Que also needs to be done properly.
Do some checking on the proper method of preparing meat for Bar-B-Que-ing.

Oh, we could go on and on but one would get depressed with what is bad vs. what is
good. The best option is all things in moderation just like your mother told
you. Does some research online or maybe get a Mediterranean Diet book and
follow that. As always, shop smart and consult.

At the end of the meeting, we of course invited her to our annual feast of
wonderful food next month….LOL.

OK, that catches us up for this month’s meeting and we look forward to supper in December. Look for a recipe tab to be coming soon. Send me your favorites for sharing on the site.

Qigong & Tai Chi Kung for Health & Healing

This reminder is provided by Marsha Drozdoff with regards to the UAMC Monthly Educational Support Series Meeting Wednesday, November 2nd:


Qigong & Tai Chi Kung for Health & Healing


Joe Pinella

 Joe Pinella has practiced Qi Gong and Tai Chi Kung for over forty years. Using these arts he was able to regain mobility after being paralyzed in an auto accident in 1991. Joe knows first-hand the power of the mind to heal. He now uses his healing experience to empower others to live a better quality of life.

Program Objectives:

  • ·       Discuss how the ancient art of Qigong can assist the overall healing process of a cancer patient.


  • ·       Discuss the meditative aspect of Qigong and how it can help alleviate pain and emotional issues.


  • ·       Demonstrate some simple Tai Chi Kung exercises that anyone can do at home.


12:00-1:00 PM.

ROOM 2920











Kathleen Pickrel, LMSW

Clinical Social Worker

University MedicalCenter

Radiation Oncology

PO  Box 245081

Tucson, AZ85724

(520) 694-4786

“CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This message and any included attachments are from The University of Arizona Health Network and are intended only for the addressee. The information contained in this message is confidential and may constitute inside or non-public information under international, federal, or state laws and is intended only for the use of the addressee. Unauthorized forwarding, copying, printing, distributing, or using such information is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. If you are not the addressee, please promptly delete this message and notify the sender of the delivery error by e-mail or you may call The University of Arizona Health Network in Tucson, Arizona, USAat (520) 694-4357.”