8 Ways to Control Mouth Sores in Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Treatment

One of the more common questions we seem to have asked is what to do about controlling mouth sores. I found this article posted at the Everyday Health web site. While dated (2009) the basic information is good with the exception to the last bullet point.  As always, we implore you to consult your ‘professional health care ‘ specialist. I do find this article interesting and feel the information offered will at least give some of us who suffer with mouth sores a place to begin getting better.


Link to full story here.

It’s OK to say a prayer or have a kind thought..

for our brother Frank Frisna. Some of you may have received an e-mail yesterday about his still being in Texas for treatment. He asked for prayers and I feel we would be remiss if we did not take a few moments to ask God for his recovery or have a kind thought in our hearts for his continued well being.

There are many things in this world which try to take us from being concerned for each others well being. (Personally) I believe in the healing ability of taking our concerns to God in prayer. You may believe differently. Therefore, I will state this request this way for the purpose of maximizing our power. Frank has asked and I hope we all will answer him in our own way. Be well my dear friend and heal.

Screen Carotids After Head and Neck Radiation

Some of us have had some pretty severe treatments to this part of the body, so this article was very interesting. This may be something you wish to discuss with your doctor.

Head and neck cancer patients treated with radiation should be screened routinely for carotid artery stenosis, investigators recommended at the annual meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology.   (Continue reading)


On eating more plants and things regarding red, blue and green lights.

October is here and our meeting begins to turn its gaze towards the holidays. We hope everyone enjoys Halloween while remembering to keep children and grand children safe during their evening of boos, costumes and gathering of treats. Please make sure you cast common sense over those you love. I am hoping that everyone will send in some pictures they wish to share of their favorite goblins, princesses or superhero.

Looking forward to our November meeting, we will again be having a guest speaker. Details on this will be posted shortly.

December is coming and our annual meeting for breaking of bread with each other will be upon us post haste. There is an intended change in the menu from meals past. If you have any ideas for change in provider or items on the spread or have special dietary concerns; please let us know. You can either e-mail us, call or leave a comment here.

We also have a date next year for our evening at the Gas Light event. Mark your calenders now for Saturday evening April 21, 2012 for this event. The exact time is currently TBA but the date is set so circle in red. As always, details will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

In going around the table with the 18 some odd attendees, two themes quickly emerged. Almost to a tee, everyone was doing really good health-wise. Nothing major by way of individual medical concerns and we appear to be ‘seasoning’ quite nicely. As always, everyone was in good character and cheer. It is always a blessing to be in each others company. The other item that became apparent was that moving was in the air. Several moves by members are currently in process or in contemplation. Some as short as just down the street, some across town and at least one across the country. We will all miss our brothers and sisters, however I am sure we will stay in touch and will see this as opportunities of growth and well being by all.

Moving forward we came to our guest speaker Steve Liu and his very interesting presentation on his complementary health care approach using traditional acupuncture, low level laser therapy and the adoption of a plant-based diet.

His presentation on the ‘Cancer Cycle’ theory proved to be most provoking and challenged many long held beliefs on nutrition and dietary choices. His personal involvement in the formulation of his conclusions were most persuasive and everyone in attendance seemed to agree they made a great deal of sense. Of medical interest was the discussion on promoters and anti promoters regarding meat protein and tumor growth. This seems to be a challenge to the ‘traditional’ modes of treatment. The thought and seeming ‘prof’ of a preemptive approach to both prevention and treatment were most interesting. Yes, it involves change but had I been given this information and decision option in my past; I dare wonder what health change I could have made in my life. There was plenty of ‘meat’ (pun intended) in his arguments in his appeal for this dietary life style change.

There is a link and location/contact information for the HanLing Acupuncture Healing Center on our Resource page.

Most resonating thought of the night: Milk? Ice Cream? Hummm Put another way; blessed are those of lactose intolerance. That statement made in respect, it truly may be the way we should be.

That pretty much lets everyone know what was enjoyed by those in attendance. Once again proving my long term belief that ‘support group attendance’ is fun. Our hope and prayers are with us all and please make ever effort to be in attendance at future group events if possible. If any of you have concerns, questions, suggestions or just need to speak up we encourage you to use the most convenient method to do so. Along with this site, there will be additional ways to reach ‘your’ SAHNCSG to be announced very soon . You are not alone on this journey because Cancer Sucks.

HPV virus linked to an increase in oral cancer; risk rising in men

“The HPV virus is best known for causing cervical cancer. But it can cause cancer in the upper throat, too, and a new study says HPV-positive tumors now account for a majority of these cases of what is called oropharyngeal cancer.”

This article appeared yesterday in the news discussing the connection between human papillomavirus and certain oral cancers. This has been a point of conversations and discussions at previous meeting.