You are invited to celebrate!

This month the Southern Arizona Head and Neck Cancer Support Group will turn Eight. We will be marking this special celebration all evening long at our monthly meeting and the only price is your imagination and willingness to celebrate.

No expense has been spared to bring each of us a universal caliber entertainment and celebratory experience. Dress comfortably, wear you best walking shoes and be prepared to see, hear and be overwhelmed by the best attraction that have ever be enjoyed.

Upon arrival at our party you will be greeted by the strands of the ‘ha rum-pa-pa’ as our 20 member marching band under the direction of Vesey Walker escorts you into a world of magic, dispensation and thrills. As you engage in the warmth of nostalgia memories be transported to the party, the happiness and the joy of being in the center of the celebrations. Just tap your toes to the tune, close your eyes for just a second……


The first sight and sound which greets is the crashing waves of the Lidenbroch Sea. Don’t be startled, as you turn, you see that you are at the edge of a small quint village which seems to have fallen off the heights of a Tibetan escarpment. Everyone is smiling and seems to be fussing about is some anticipation of joy. Out of the crowd and hectic activity comes the most striking Amelia Pond.

‘Welcome’, she smiles as you feel the embrace of her eyes. You are at once as comfortable as an old cup of coffee at you own kitchen table.

“Welcome to this place. This is your anniversary party. Here you will be engaged in a happy celebration of friendship and support. Your friends and you are here to be happy, to remember and to look forward. Enjoy.’

‘I will be your companion, your guide if you will as we indulge in the attractions which are here for you amusement.’

As we all gather into one another’s company our guide begins to describe the events and attractions available for our jubilation and adventure.

Happy Birthday wishes to everyone. I trust that little foray into a fantasy celebration made up to be sure gets you into the mood to participate in a wonderful birthday this coming Tuesday after or regular meeting. It promises to be most extraordinary and I hope you will have time to linger and enjoy the festivities.
First off, as you pull into the parking lot this Tuesday evening, you will indeed see an exact duplicate of the Lidenbroch Sea. This 1/10 scale duplication of the sea, as detailed and surveyed by Prof. Otto Lidenbroch; all measurements and details taken from the Professors’ own Field Notes and papers. This duplication was achieved with the talent and specialist of the Starfleet Corp. of Engineers.

There will be several ways or should I say vessels for your enjoyment to explore on and below the surface. You will have the choice of boarding Prince Dakkar’s Nautilus from the Lincoln Island calderas location or you may prefer the futuristic comfort of the Seaview. This is the amazing atomic submarine which was designed and built by Admiral Harriman Nelson. You can board the Seaview at the Nelson Institute of Marine Research Dock on the inner harbor. Please note that you will have to process and pass a USOS background security check prior to boarding the Seaview.

Both of these attractions will take you on a voyage below the surface for approximately 50 min’s. Facilities are available on both vessels.

Make sure if you go to the Lincoln Island facility, do not miss the tour of ‘Granite House’.

Sign-up is available at the front desk for the around the perimeter trail and archaeology tour to be led by Dr. Henry Walton Jones of Marshall College. You will be taken of a tour of the entire location with stops at various locales such as Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and ancient Jerusalem. There will be refreshments available at each site stop and a question/answer period held by Dr. Jones covering the history and finds at each site. Note that prior to this attraction, you will need to pass a physical exam provided at no charge by world renowned Doctor Zachary Smith, A Doctor of interstellar environmental psychology and expert in Cybernetics with Alpha Control.

This medical exam is also required to board the exciting and frightening Jupiter 2 crash simulator. You will not have the benefit of being placed in a Freezing Tube but have to ride out the crash landing sequence onto Preplanis with nothing but your own courage.

For those of you who desire a more leisurely cruise, make a direct dash to the dirigible platform for a lighter than air tour of the entire valley aboard the airship Albatross. Be the guest and passenger of Captain Robur and crew. This calm voyage along the mountains surrounding the valley will provide many spectacular views of the city. This is a supper time excursion with excellent dinning and views available.

For those of you who prefer a fast paced attraction but one firmly planted on terra firma; make headway to the Automobile Stunt Spectacular and Obstacle Course. Here you will be able to drive one of three famous movie and TV cars. Drive the Aston Martin DB5,

An Aston Martin DB5 as seen in Goldfinger. Exp...

the auto of choice for James Bond with instructions by the one and only Q. Or you could let your inner super-hero come out and drive either the fabulous Bat Mobile or the exotic Black Beauty driven by Kato and platform for the Green Hornet. All of these are fully functional and the course will provide plenty of opportunity to ‘play’ with all the bells and whistles and allow for an ‘accelerating’ high speed drive.

Another attraction which will allow for relaxation and unusual views of the neighborhood is aboard the steam train ‘Traveler’ in the company but both J. West and A. Gordon. This tour requires those of age in order to consume potent potables. Any minor must be accompanied by an adult and will not be allowed in the ‘saloon’ car at any time.

Those of you who are excited by culinary warfare, the Chairman has allowed a duplication of Kitchen Stadium and has authorized for a battle of cuisine between one lucky lottery drawing winner and world famous Iron Chief Bobby Flay. For those interested in being eligible for the drawing, please sign upon arrival at our meeting and birthday party this Tuesday evening. As always, the ingredient is a secret so make sure you have the chops to survive this exhilarating opportunity.

As many love animals in the group, we will have Dr. Marsh Tracy, a veterinarian with the Wameru Study Centre for Animal Behaviour in East Africa. He will be accompanied by Judy the chimp and Clearance the crossed-eyed lion as the activities of animal welfare and preservation are examined with a film and forum discussion by Dr. Tracy.

Don’t miss the martial arts show at the back stage with your host Kwai Chang Caine, Shaolin priest. After the martial arts expo, there will be a time of inner contemplation and self-evaluation led by Master Po.

During the first hour of our regular meeting, there will be an exciting and inspirational Birthday Keynote speech by world famous surgeon and crime fighter Clark savage Jr. In attendance with Doc Savagewill be his special group of associates who will be available throughout the evening to answer your questions within their area of expertise. Make sure you plan to spend time with Doc and his crew.

Doc Savage 031 The Annihilist (Kenneth Robeson)

In addition during the evening, there will be musical performances by international renowned musical stars and it will all be capped off by a midnight fireworks spectacular.

All this and more is provided by your Southern Arizona Head and Neck Cancer Support Group with the profound hope and desire that we will all be here to celebrate next year for our ninth birthday blowout. Here is hoping everyone has an exciting and fun filled party and we are happy to provide rides home for anyone requiring same.

Hugs, kisses and well wishes to us all. Happy Birthday everyone!

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And the winner is……

Something to think about – The 1755 Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary defines cancer as:

 A virulent swelling, or sore, not to be cured.

 Emphasis add by me. Not to be cured! Sometimes we just need to be thankful. The entry is accompanied by this Addison’s Ovid:

As when a cancer on the body finds,
And gradual death from limb to limb proceeds;
So does the [chilness] to each vital part,
Spread by degrees, and creeps into the heart.


I wanted to officially let everyone know what a wonderful time I had while I was on vacation and playing and holding hands with and skipping and having tea parties and just living life to the utmost I could while with my daughter and her beautiful family. There are many good things in life (just ask Conan the Barbarian) but few are more-so than just sharing a smile or the embrace of a trusting child’s hand in yours.

My daughter Sarah and her children.

It was very pretty there and filled with history, art and that big sky expanse which the northern latitudes provide. It was cold (for me) (yes, the kids snickered at me in my many layers) but not unbearable. It was the most colorful shade of gray every day. There was fog and snow, There was a slight sleet and many other beautiful aspects of the weather that have so long be void in my life. It was the tranquil peace of small town America just across the river from the towering fingers into the sky of the ‘Twin Cities”.

Bonus: My luggage arrived with me on both portions of the trip. Winner!

I understand you had a wonderful meeting with Chris’s mother giving a wonderful talk on peg tubes. Wouldn’t you know it; that is the meeting I miss? Go figure. Michelle still has tickets for the Gaslight event. Please contact her with your request and/or order confirmations. The due date is approaching pell-mell. Please communicate your ticket selling results with her as soon as possible. Just a reminder, this event has always been a success for this organization. One we all want to see continue. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Just an aside: Have you been enjoying the beautiful sun sets we have had the past several weeks? Priceless!

When I was a much younger, I remember that the annual Academy Awards show was a rather big event in my family. We would watch to see a ‘real’ movie star in their fashion glory however that wasn’t the driving event of the evening. It was a real celebration of the motion picture arts and science productions and when a BEST category meant just that. The Best, not the most popular, the most politically correct or the best statement or showcase of a cause. Some aspects I still enjoy. There seems to be a genuine respect of each other and of the talent; just somehow the attendance list has been tilted towards something I don’t really agree with in the past few years. I know nothing ever remains as honest and as special as it once was; just seems that OSCAR has been rather tarnished with the demise of Hollywood. {Yes, that is an opinion}

I would like to take you back to the chill and ambiance of the early years. To nights filled with surprises and respect. When ability and skill were celebrated.  A tribute to a time when the term ‘God given talent’ was not a slur. I want to take you to when the whole world watched in anticipation and with the comfort in heart that the decisions were honest and were delivered POUR LE MÉRITE. The spot lights are lit and race brightly skyward. You are at the edge of your seat with your heart beating in anticipation. Finally the category you have been waiting for has come.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the BEST is…….

YOU! Yes, you. You are the best and the most precious of individuals. Your performance, your life this year revolving around your fight to be here this evening is recognized for the efforts you have made every day of your life to mean something to someone, to anyone and sometimes only to yourself. Congratulations; you are the most amazing of things. You are a human being with a unique ability to be human even again all odds. We recognize the contribution you bring into this world and we thank you.

For those of us who watch the Oscar evening, I hope you enjoy. Somewhere and somehow, on that evening; place yourself on that stage as the winner and remember to thank all of those who helped you take each step on you journey. We are your support group, we are here, each of us for each of us, to hold by the hand, to speak an encouraging word and see you in your Oscar Sunday finest on that special stage, that evening of celebrating success. Life!

Sort of like the feelings I got upon hugging and embracing my grandchildren.

Please, if anyone has any news, stories or pictures they wish to share with the group,  get them to me. I am more that happy to post anything which is of interest for the group here on the web site. Remember, this is OUR website. Use it, leave comments or pass along suggestions. It is here for us to use.

Don’t forget the meeting coming next month on the 6th day of March and be strong everyone. Be strong for each other because Cancer Sucks!

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