Food is our friend!

Most of us are challenged not only by the sheer act of eating but most if not all of us have been affected by a severe change in taste. While we are all different in as to the effects that cancer and its treatment bring to our ability to enjoy eating, we all have to realize that while in treatment and in some cases beyond that treatment; our job is to simply eat.

As a group, we share with each other and with any who are facing the challenge of eating we offer the following recipes. Knowing that not all of these will be ‘a wonderful dining experience’ for everyone, we hope that in them you will find something that has worked for others and will send you down a path of discovery to something that will work.

Please enjoy, please send of the recipes that work for you and feel free to sharing your food/eating related stories of recovery.


Cherry Almond Baked Steel Cut Oats


Steel Cut Oats