This area is compiled and maintained to find information for additional resources for you to consider. These are recognize individuals, organizations and companies which are a part of our cancer community and/or general providers. This also acts as an archive of guest speakers who have visited us as a support group.


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            The American Cancer Fund

            American Cancer Society

American Institute for Cancer Research

           Arizona Oncology

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          Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)

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         HanLIng Acupuncture Healing Center, Inc
6812 N Oracle Rd
Tucson AZ85704

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Mary Marian, MS,RD,CSO
Clinical Nutritionist, University of AZ – College of Medicine &
College of Agriculture/Department of Nutritional Sciences
AZ Center for Integrative Medicine
Tucson, AZ
phone: 520-235-6793
fax: 520-622-5085

Mayo Clinic Arizona

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National Cancer Institute (NCI)

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Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck cancer (SPOHNC)

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         Tucson ENT

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University of Arizona Medical Center

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The most commonly experienced early symptoms include:

  • a persistent sore throat
  • a lump in the neck
  • difficulty swallowing
  • ear or neck pain
  • a change in a person’s voice

Please Note that the Southern Arizona Head and Neck Cancer Support Group maintains this list as a resource for its members and visitors only. Any and all treatment is a matter for the individual and their Doctor.