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At this months meeting, several items were up for thought and in need for your input. I will present these in order of their next occurrence. As always, we are asking for your thoughts on any and/or all of the following items.

You can always e-mail me directly or contact any member of the board.

Item One: I am so happy to announce that we are re-starting, beginning in October; our Caregiver Breakfast. This occurs the Saturday morning after our regular monthly meeting. So, if all goes according to plan, the relaunch should happen on October 6th at 9:00 AM. These has usually taken place at the Good Egg located at 4775 E. Grant Rd. (N. Swan Rd.). [See details and map here.] Rhonda is the contact person for this.

Item Two: Our November meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November the 6th. This is also Election Day. We took a vote and most everyone indicated that they would like to keep our regular meeting for that date. If you have concerns, please let us know and trust me, it’s OK if you come a little late. Everyone understands.

Item Three: We have a date and time for the 2013 Gaslight Fund Raising Event. The date and time are Saturday the 20th day of April at 6:00PM. Details are forthcoming and Michele  is the contact person for this.[See details and map here.]

As I stated above, we want to hear any questions/concerns/suggestions and input on these or any other items you may have thought about and then just did not pass along for any reason. This is YOUR group and WE want you to have a happy, positive and active experience.

That pretty much provides the ‘bailing of water’ in our little life boat for this month. I will be adding details to the web site as I become aware of them, so feel free to drop me an e-mail and let me know of any additional information I need to post.

Be strong.



Gaslight Theater Numbers

Hi all,

After all the ticket sales and after we gave 8 tickets to Ronald McDonald house, we ended up with a surplus of $1263.00…we also recevied random donations of $500, $85 and $50…for a grand total of $1398.00


Michelle …thank you so much for all your hard work and effort and for taking the lead on this…you are great…and you have a job for life….


The hottest ticket in town.

The time is coming up fast. Have you communicated with Michelle? Is the calender updated with all the correct info? Is there anyone I know who needs tickets? Don’t let yourself, your family , friends or co-workers be left out of the excitement.

Michelle does need to hear from you soon!


As January comes…

A Christmas tree inside a home.

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… we look forward with hope and excitement as we toil to take down our displays of Christmas and the Holiday Season. While you once again take balls from tree, pack away cardboard candy canes or gather up all the ripped paper and torn ribbons for the delayed trash run; please take a second to pause and give a consideration to the real reason we celebrate a birth that took place over 2000 years ago. I would NEVER, EVER tell you How. That is for you, your family and your personal relationship with providence. I only ask that your would. Just a moment while putting away what you have decorated your home and hearth with. There is a reason we have the day and the time set aside and my hope and desire that all that is truly meant to be is a blessing upon you and yours.

As we came together last night and went around the table, I am always humbled buy our collective resolve. We are a blessed and vibrant group and we are not set asunder by any affliction nor disease nor disparages of condition. Instead, we rejoice in each others victories. We revel in the fight against the odds and simply smile and hug and clap our hands as each of us commemorate the battles past. My Lord, you are all such gentle and loving individuals.

Going around the table, is for me, a glorious affirmation of who we are and how we are determined to live.

Everyone was again blessed with relative good health and seems strong and vigorous. The one exception was our brother Frank who is fighting yet another battle. Our prayers are with you as you go out of town in search of treatment. Our thought will be with you and please let the group know if there is anything we can do beyond or love and support. Best of luck and Godspeed.

On a much happier note, congratulations to Chris on his nuptials. We all wish him bliss in his connubial life.

I will not be with the group in February as I will be in the cold North braving sub-arctic tundra on the first vacation in 7 years. I ask that you all say a prayer or think a kind thought for me during this trip and that I will be safe and return once again into your collective embrace.


The date is April 21st and the time is 6 PM. The place is the GasLight  Theater. The show is the Three Musketeers with the _or_ portion of the title to come.
The tickets are in. Please contact Michelle Schulter either at drschulter (AT) comcast (DOT) net

or through her Facebook page which is LOCATED HERE. Please contact her directly via phone if you have her number. If you need her phone number please contact me or her directly via e-mail and we will get that to you. Look for details soon on the web page about this event. One note to be aware of: the final due date for all monies due on the sale of tickets is the March Meeting. Please keep this hard deadline in mind. Thank you everyone and lets keep this long running successful event a continued fun evening for everyone.

One of the more raucous moments from last night involved one and/or both of these: If you were in attendance you know which item in this picture is germane to the event. If you were not there, well, I leave it to your individual imagination. (See what you may miss when not in attendance?)


Another exciting thing was that we had two first time visitors and guest. While we are saddened by the reason of their visit (an hopefully continue involvement with us) we are always pleased to meet new friends. Please keep them in your prayers or on you minds as they make their journey.

Well, that brings everyone up to date on our January meeting and while I will not be with you all next month in body, I will be with you in spirit as I will no doubt be huddled against the ravages of the environment in an attempt to have a few happy moments with my female issue and her wonderful and beautiful offspring. I know I will be beaming ear to ear the entire time.

Be strong everyone because Cancer most assuredly sucks.





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