Some changes occuring and a reminder.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are coming to the site and are finding additions and information starting to fall into place. First let me say that I am working on just getting content onto the site. I will also be working on making the overall appearance more appealing and robust as time passes. I hope you will bear with me on this. Pretty is important and I am working on pretty.  🙂 With each additional visit to the site, you may notice little changes which I hope will add to the ease and overall visual pleasure to the site.

You may have noticed that I added the fact that we will be having a guest speaker at this next meeting. The resource page is onsite and there is a tab button on the Menu Bar. I hope this is easy for everyone to find and use. That resource page I expect to grow and be populated fairly quickly. If there is any suggestions you would like to see on this page that are related to support group, please let me know at one of the meetings or by e-mail.

Speaking of meetings, I as well as each of you have turned the page on the calender and we are into October. Our meeting is this Tuesday the 4th. October!#%* already; you guys all look younger but I on the other hand am aging rather quickly. Where does time go?

That’s all for now and I hope to see you all at the upcoming meeting.

A beginning.

Hello Everyone.

As you can see, I have begun to make changes and have added some new content. There is more coming soon. I will make every effort to keep the site timely, helpful and enjoyable.

Please allow me just a little time to get some meaningful content up and get some of the options fully operational. I will try to be as quick with this as possible. I encourage you all to play around and enjoy the site. My ‘To-Do’ with regards to this site is fairly crammed as I also hope to get ideas from all of you. I will do my best to reflect this support group and its desires for this site.

If you are a member of the support  group or a visitor if you have Cancer or if you provide care or here just to observe:

To all who come to this site WELCOME. We all hope your visit will be a joyous one. Enjoy. Here you will find support, hand holding, expressions of love, answers to hard questions and hopefully a laugh or two. This is your site. I will do my best effort to keep it timely and robust. I ask that you make your visits here often and please lend your ‘voice’ to this effort.

I would be remiss if I did not give credit to my help and inspiration Matt S., who got me through the hard part of getting this up to speed. He is my son in law and does this sorta thing as a real time day job. He was an eminence help and I can never repay him. I also wish to thank the board for their contributions to making this possible, to Scott for being a true ‘friend to the group’ and to each and everyone of you for making it come alive as I know you will.

Enjoy your web site. It is our voice to the world.