Some changes to the Photo Album

Hello everyone,

I would like to be among the first to wish you all a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving. If you are like me, you could probably spend most of the day just simply giving thanks for all the blessings we enjoy; let alone have time to eat and watch the ball games. My hope, desire and prayer is that we all enjoy the warmth and comfort of family and friends enjoying a day of remembrance, relaxation and (trough-ing). Enjoy your meals everyone. The breaking of bread with one another is a gift.

I added some pictures from the 2006 relay for life event. I am not totally happy with how the album works. If you click on the Relay folder, it will open to a set of pictures. These you can click on to enlarge, browse through and also right click and select to download a copy of the pictures you like. To go back to the original state once you have looked at all the pictures; click on the Photo Album up on the top of the page -> on the tool bar.

I will continue to add pictures and work with making this an easier experience. I know there is a way to allow for comments for each picture. I just have to ‘play’ with this particular plug-in some more. Please bear with me on this. Things my pop up then go away for a period of time. I will get this process smoothed out soon. (I think I just have issues with the pictures for some reason.)

As always, please contact me with any comments and suggestions and I will endeavor to implement as soon as possible.

That’s it for now, enjoy Thanksgiving and your loved ones; and leave just a little room for our Holiday meal at the December Sixth meeting.

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